Turkish Steel Manufacturers and Suppliers

Turkish steel, Turkey steel manufacturers/suppliers and exporters directory. High quality steel from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey.

ductile iron, pig iron, steel, waltz, rolls, ductile iron
automotive, cement industry, spare parts for compressors, steel, textile
angle iron, cr steel sheet, h.beam, hr plate, wire rod, steel
iron, steel, energy, port operations, banking, tourism, mining, port management, foreign trade, maritime transport, steel production, carbon and alloy, irons, steels, energys, port operation, bankings, minings, port managements, foreign trades, maritime transports, steel productions, carbon, alloy, carbon allay, carbon alloys
iron, steel, metal, iron products, steel products
steel, battery, steel bar, alloy, manure
steel, scrap, ppc, pp, copper, cement, cement feedstock, textiles, pulses
garments, steel, food items
ground upholster, doormat, eraser, gasket of vulcanised rubber, iron and steel bars, rods, angles, shapes, sections, sheet piling, articles, iron, steel, locks, clasps, keys, motor vehicle seats, non-driving axles, inductors, machine parts, motor vehicle parts, safety belts, plastic containers, switches, parts of lighting equipments, parts of nonmotorized bicycles, vehicles, parts of trailers, semi trailer parts, compressor ignition engine parts, screws, bolts, steel springs, transmisson shafts
bolt tensile tester, anchor test device casagrande tester, asphalt distilled, automatic marshall compactor, automatic soil compactor, automatic vicat, bending tester, cbr test apparatus, cement test press the brick press, charpy testing device, concrete molds, concrete test presses, coring machine, deflection gauges, direct shear tester, marshall test apparatus, mixer, pull off tester, sand equivalent shake table, sieve shaking tester, sieves, steel, tensile tester, triaxial testing device, concrete test presses
bronze, gunmetal, leaded bronze, tin bronze, ph. bronze, brass, steel, bronze
steel, stainless steel, steel products, stainless steel products, pipes, tubes, coils, sheets, fittings
iron, steel, iron fabrication, steel fabrication
casting, cast iron, cas iron jobs, steel, steel jobs
cement, urea, coal, iron, steel, bazalt, natural stones
steel, forks, spoons, knives, scrap, raw material
annealed wire, black annealed wire, bright screw nail, coil nail, cold drawn rebar, cold drawn wire, common nail, debar, drywall nail, epal, epal nails, galvanised nail, galvanised wire, hgd nail, machine quality nails, nail, producer, rebar, rebar 6mm, roofing nail, steel, stirrup, theoretical production, twisted wire, wire, wire mesh, wire nails, wire rod
sublimation transfer printing paper, textile, leather, pvc, steel, aluminum
accommodation, building, construction, container, gsm, hospital, mobile, pre-engineered buildings, pre-engineered camp site building, pre-fabricated buildings, preengineered buildings, prefabricated, prefabricated buildings, prefabrik, school, shelter, shelters, steel, structure, structures sandwiches, turnkey camp projects, mobile units, chus, tentsaccommodation
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